How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Paintless dent repair is one of those processes that make so much sense to a layperson that you might wonder why it has not been around longer. It is simple enough that almost any technician can perform the basic techniques, though it does take a professional to get the most out of the effort. It’s almost an art form. The difference between an inexperienced hand and that of a pro really shows. It is probably the most effective way to fix hail damage car problems, and it is one of the best methods of keeping door dings from ruining your car’s overall appearance and value.

This process, in form of mobile dent repair is usually cited as taking about an hour or two and it relies not on removing and replacing car panels but making use of a series of paintless dent repair tools on the opposite side of the panel to bring the dent back out and in line with the rest of the vehicle.

Materials Used

Yes, traditional dent repair guys make use of a series of rubber mallets, hammers and other basic tools to gently tap out dents from the rear of the damaged panel, slowly bringing it back to its original state. For big dents they’ll often drill and stick a puller into the panel to pull the damaged section out. But these traditional processes will require, filler, sanding, primer and paint to complete. This would be the way to go for bigger damage or if the paint has been compromised.

The basic process of popping out the dent can be relatively simple, but PDR is a little different. The repairman basically massages out the dent using PDR tools and very slowly shapes it back into place. The PDR tech will use tools that look like bent rods that when combined with an S-hook can be used to press the dents out from the back of the panel with a little leverage. The PDR rod needs to butt up against another object to allow for leverage. To fix door dings the PDR tool is usually fed into the door via holes car manufacturers leave at each end of the doors. Many modern cars have these holes and are usually covered with some sort of plastic plug. Sometimes, access can be had via the slot for the window but care must be taken to put a protector to avoid scratching or otherwise completely smashing the window.

paintless dent repair and removal

Other Tools

The other very important tool for the Paintless Dent Removal trade is proper lights. Yes, lighting is huge. Since the repair person is basically shaping the dent back into its original state, it’s like sculpting fine art. And to get that dent out and the panel back in the perfect shape it used to be, lights with special highlights, lines and shadows are placed over the panel to be worked on. The lights draw lines on the panel and the tech can see those lines either bulging in or bulging out as he works. Once the lines he’s working on follow the perfect curve of the rest of lines reflected over the panel, he knows he’s done. One fixed, these old dents are basically invisible. Dent and ding no more!

Dent Removal Specialists

Paintless dent removal is is a skill that has been acquired through many years of field work, even trial and error in specialized training programs which many of our technicians have attended. Unfortunately many find out too late that an unqualified or unskilled dent extraction professional can easily do additional damage, which should at all cost be avoided. That’s why it’s extremely important to go with a reputable and trusted company in your local community.

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